This post is written as a shout out to one of genius tools which exist in our music industry today: Soundcloud

A music start up which was formed by two Germans - and now has offices across continents (London, San Fransisco, Berlin, Sofia) - has become our main choice when it comes to discover new sounds or bands. We choose them over Youtube because we want to only enjoy the sound. When we want to see the visual, we go straight to Youtube. 

We were playing Wet's EP tonight, and when all four songs had been played, Soundcloud gave us non-Wet songs (which means other artists' pieces). This time, all the songs succesfully brought glee to our faces. More over, via their "Recommended" bar, we listened to many new sounds which we never heard of before. 

We found some strange band names - there was a little hard time upon reading that. But as the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" goes, we think the same principle apply for this matter. "Don't judge the songs by its band's name".

We're gonna post some of the tunes which caught our ears hard below. Some tunes which we picked here deserve more plays. Another note is, couple of them are available for free download! Happy listening! 

Cathedrals - Unbound 

Sir Sly - Miracle

CruiserCruiser - Kidnap Me

BROODS - Pretty Thing


Chelsea Lankes - GHOST

Blood Cultures - Indian Summer

Say Lou Lou - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala Cover)

Francis and the Lights - If They Don't Come Tomorrow



To put them on our radar this month, we realized, is such an under-statement, because this indie R&B Brooklyn trio have got a fine coverage - thanks to their four-song debut EP which released under Neon Gold Records, last October. But an act of kindness (this time, read: a promising act with hypnotic sound) is never too late, isn't it?

WET: Joe Valle, Marty Sulkow, Kelly Zutrau
Source: This is Fake DIY

We've been hearing the EP via their Soundcloud account throughout this month, and we got hooked. However, when we looked back to the early April days, the term "fall in love at first sight" can be used to describe our first love to Wet through this song.

First cut, we felt their sound reminds us of London Grammar. Following our curiosity that time, we began searching their other songs. That wasn't a wrong move.

Here are few facts about the group - which we have gathered around the Web:
  • Wet was listed as one of '10 bands to watch' according to Billboard's CMJ on October last year. And in late November, the trio "joined CHVRCHES for a string of five live shows". 
  • December last year, Lorde, posted Wet's EP with caption from the song "You're the Best" on her Instagram. The photo got more than 16.000 likes, although there was someone mistake it for Lana Del Rey's song. 
  • Late March this year, Australia's The Music, broke the news that the group have joined Dew Process - an Aussie's local label. 
  • They see e-mail as an important tool. At the beginning, the group thought this was a casual, an art project. But things became difficult (singer moved to Providence and drummer moved to LA), thus the process was like as singer Kelly told UK's This is Fake DIY: “I’d keep sending demos to Marty in Brooklyn, and then we’d send it to Joe who would add a beat and do a little bit of production. But we all moved back to Brooklyn in the summer of 2012, and then we could work on the music in person. Still e-mailing though; that’s a big part of our process.” 
  • Their presence on the Internet has a good record. The biggest remarks was presented by their official site, which we found playful and funny. On the other note, however simple the design, important links which you might needed is all there. 
Next month, Wet will perform at UK's The Great Escape, a three-day festival in Brighton. 

We're sure that they won't tour Asia or these down under countries in the next months. But we hope that when the right time comes, Wet's setlist is filled with their songs from the self-titled EP and the full album - which is now still in process! 

Picture is taken from This is Fake DIY 


#13 Stranger in Moscow (Tame Impala cover)

Although it's definitely past midnight here, we feel the urge to write this post!

Guess what, we're giving you another cover (again!). And the bad news: we're undeniably (four days) late for this. We discovered Tame Impala's take on "Stranger in Moscow", one of the King of Pop's single which was included in the album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.

We were about to read the news on SPIN, when our eyes glued to the player upper bar on its site. We then proceeded to play the 7-songs playlist and began reading. The first song is "Stranger in Moscow" and ever since we heard it, we got hooked.

The Australian psychedelic unit successfully change the song's vibe into them. It's like they're putting away the MJ's touch in original version and replace it with Tame-Impala-sound. Also, at the same time, those who were kids in 1990s probably could remember what the song actually was.

To put it in the simplest term: we LOVE it! This is a great example of what cover songs should be like. Up until this post is being written, the 'play' button is repeatedly being clicked, too.


#12 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

What happens when one of your favorite band cover another your favorite band's song? Ecstatic, it is! That's the feeling we have when we found out Foster the People covered Tame Impala's Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, earlier last month. Yada, yada, again, sorry for the lack update, we just have the time to post it today, that's why.

Foster the People did an acoustic version of the song, and we're okay with that. The vibe doesn't differ far from Tame Impala's take, but Mark's pronunciation make the song more ear-friendly. Plus, you'll hear Mark's recognisable high voices.


#11 Photographs

Erm, no. That's the voice inside our head, reminding you it is not a Nickelback's song.

"Photographs", the latest track which is being previewed from Damon Albarn's upcoming album - "Everyday Robots" - has been around the Internet for one week as per today. The video below is one minute and twenty-nine seconds long, featured pieces from his album teaser and (our guess) footage of his cooking in the studio.

When photographs you're taking now, you're taking now...... presents. 

We have to say it: our feeling to the song isn't supernatural. The beats - we felt it, the lyrics - we got it, but frankly we need to replay it over and over. How "Photographs" came out like it is, was maybe the closest thing we ever heard which describe what photographs mean these days.